Our focal points in the HSC/CNC-machining:

• Parts for the printing and paper industry
• Milling of hardened tool parts
• Injection molding tools
• Press and forming tools
• Embossing elements for cutting tools and forming technology

Unlimited geometrical variety

The new concepts of machine control for a highly dynamic axle drive, in connection with our high-performance CAM-software allows us now an economical single item production with precise results.

We are able to perform a complex 4-sided machining of a wide range of materials by a high speed milling. The work piece measurement is effected with automatic 3d-sensors direct in the machine or external through a measuring machine and it is an integral part of the control. We have integrated an absolute maximum performance and very high operational accuracy effective in our network for optimized automation.

We offer you a chip removal machining from the simplest drilling and milling technology to the complex 3d-machining. For the chip removal machining we employ the newest and most modern machining tools. We take care through a flexible, fast und precise performance in new developments, changes and repairs for low downtime in the production on the spot.
CNC-lathe work
Our focal points in the CNC-lathe turning production:

• Single pieces and small series of the highest accuracy and surface quality
• Prototype construction and single item production
• CNC-lathe turning with bar loader or palletizing system for drilling components
• All machines are equipped with driven tools to enable a machining on a cylindrical shell surface area (execution of the turned diameter) or on the end face.
• A CAM-supported programming with several direct interfaces to other CAD-programs such as Catia, Pro E, AutoCAD

A high economy and productivity on individual parts, small parts and small batch production characterize in particular the Hermeth Company. In the process we can guarantee through trained personnel as well as by detailed test reports an extraordinary high quality.
Penetration erodin
Our specialties in die-sinking EDM:

• Parts for the printing and paper industry
• Press tools, machining of series
• Injection molding tools
• Swaging tools
• Machine-building and fixture construction
• Cutting and punching tools
• Complex embossing elements
• Free choice of the erosion-course in the space (3d-machining).
• Achievement of the highest surface quality and homogenous surfaces.
The finest and filigreed surfaces can also easily be machined such as large-surface roughing and finishing jobs.

As a medium-sized business we produce in the most modern die-sinking machines high-precision products for the tool-making and special purpose machinery manufacture. Optimization is therefore our motto.

Short travels ensure an efficient production sequence. The production planning and measuring technology are directly associated. In this way clearly structured communication channels are formed. In automated processes it is possible to realize precise and accurately the most flexible forms with the finest surfaces and the corresponding dimensional stability.

We reach the efficient machine capacity load as we remove to a large extend the set-up times from the machines. The work pieces and electrodes are externally fixed on platforms, and the position determination is then captured on the 3d-measuring machines and integrated in the NC-program. The machine performs at the same time other orders. As soon as its turn will come in the provided NC-program with a priority in the overall schedule, the order will be activated.
Wire-guided electrical discharge machining
Our highlights in the wire-cut EDM:

• Active components for the making of tools and moulds
• Machining of corrosion-free hard metal
• Precision-engineering of special parts
• Prototype manufacturing
• Drawing dies of hard metal and steel
• Machining of special alloys
• Tools and mould making
• Punch-die and forming tools
• Machine building and fixture construction
• Cutting and stamping tools
• Achievement of the highest surface quality
• The highest parallelism and dimensional stability even with high work pieces
• High accurate conics and complex contours can be produced
• The machining comprises all electrically conducting work pieces

Our many years of know-how stands for optimum fulfillment of your assignments and warrants as well the transformation of demanding and extraordinary tasks. We work with high grade wire-cut EDM installations in air-conditioned rooms and we can also generate at any time with our 3d-measuring machine professional records.

For milled parts that present complicated contours and that are not ideal to be mounted, an economical alternative is on occasions the wire-cut EDM.
CNC-measurement technique

The accuracy is a must-have.

The machines enable a fast, efficient and therefore economical measuring in all scopes of our measuring technology. In this way we can scan eroded or HSC-milled 2d and 3d-objects with video optically and tactile measuring sensors. The determined data will afterwards be compared with the reference values and eventual deviations can be detected.

The machines are in association with the CAM-systems in order to quickly engage with the NC-program. Any needed corrections will then be directly considered in the CNC-processing machines. Our CNC-measuring machines are at the beginning in a chain of productive manufacturing processes. They run like a red thread through all functional areas.

Operating ranges of the measuring machines:

• Measuring of work pieces
• Intermediate examinations
• First sample test reports
• Serial measurements
• Statistical evaluations
• Final inspection
We can also perform the grinding work with surface, internal cylindrical and external cylindrical grinding machines, also with a CNC control. With our CNC grinding machines we can make very precise and complicated contours. With a hydraulic straightening machine the hardened shafts or prismatic parts can also be straightened.

These parts will be manufactured with the dimensional stability to drawing in a single piece, medium-sized or large-scale serial production. In the process we work according to your drawing or with your provided specifications. For new products and in the in the prototype phase you can receive technical service by our qualified staff.
Flat and rotary die cutting
We offer you special and customized solutions in all areas:

• Rotary tools
• Special rotary tools, for instance for the production of chart paper and tea bags
• Rotary die-cutting tools
• Flat bed die-cutting tools, for instance for Melzer and Arsoma (Gallus) printing machines
• Blanking tools
• Special purpose machinery manufacture for flat bed and rotary die cutting of park tickets
• We develop, construct and manufacture for you, according to your design specifications, tools and machines from simple to highly sophisticated systems.

Thanks to years of wide experience in the field of tool-making and special purpose machinery it is ensured that Tool buildingwithin the construction, the needs of the customers are of utmost importance. Among our specialties in this field are included, among others, the printing and paper industry.